Autumn has arrived and the summer holidays have been and gone, its time to look forward the autumn leaves dropping and Christmas approaching.

It is one of my favourite times of the year I love the change of the season, the leaves turning orange and red, and of course Halloween.

I wanted to talk to you about collaboration, we at Cross Accounting Service could not have enjoyed our success over the years without building up and keeping in touch with our wide network of colleagues and friends. So I wanted to share this bit of good news with you.

For my industry being an Accountant in what is a highly competitive market, there are literally hundreds of accountants in my area of South Wales. I keep an eye on who is the competition and who is setting up in my area.

I thought about 2 years ago, what if I don’t offer all the services my clients, or potential clients want, who could I talk to that does? I needed to connect with a larger company than myself who had access to a wider range of services that maybe my company doesn’t offer, and vice versa a company that would refer back to me in return. I found that very company, not only do I have someone to pass on work that I myself don’t do, they also send over work to me, what a great arrangement, they are also a great sounding board for me which I value very much.

My other network contacts, we meet regularly for lunch, not only do we have a great synergy with our businesses, but that wider network will refer to you if they get to know you, you will find work in places you never thought you would hear from.

In these times of high competition it is important to share the word about your brand and business, you cant do it all by yourself it will just take far too long.

So go on take the risk, build up that network, make an arrangement with a competitor, you never know where it will take you.




This blog is intended for information purposes only and is only advice from past experience, you may have other suggestions of your own. It is not intended to be used to make all of your business decisions but as a guide only.

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