It has been a tough past 12 months for everyone. A lot of our plans have been ruined due the ongoing pandemic and we are still not sure when we are expecting better days. We should not let 2021 be a repeat of 2020. The best plan is to move forward and move better.


We are one month down and 11 more to go, although we are probably keeping count on the number of lockdown days we are in. 2021 shouldn’t be another year of standstill, this should be the year to plan.


There is support out there available for the economic environment to soften the blow. The furlough scheme is still available at 80% to help cover wages for non-working staff. The Welsh government has helped with the economic resilience fund. For full details of the grants, click here to see what is available.


Is there something you have been wanting to do for your business, but have held back on doing so? You should write down your goals and set a plan to achieve this. We need to make 2021 a positive stepping stone to achieve the most we can for our business. Is there a sales target you want to hit? Is there software or machine you want to purchase? Writing down what you will need for this is the best way to plan.


You should sort out your goals in short term and long term. What is it that you want to achieve in the next month, or 6 months, or 1 year or 5 years?         Click here for a great template that you can work off to get started.


Set your Goal what do you want to achieve in one years time, 3 years time,

or 5 years time.      WRITE IT DOWN


Then piece together what you need to do in small manageable tasks what you need to do to achieve this goal.   It does not even have to be a goal for the business, but a personal goal that the business can help you materialise.


Watch your costs, time runs away with us so easily, and so do the costs. Make sure you are tracking these. If you need to renew a contract, do so. 

It’s a telephone call, it’s a form. What have you got to lose? But to gain you will.  Don’t be afraid to negotiate even with the large companies.


What you want to say at the end of this year 2021, I not only lived through a pandemic and survived it, but I made something of my year that is 2021.


We have to plan and overcome this pandemic, we have to strive to progress.

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