We’ve had a lovely few days of weather and summer is around the corner. As the weather heats up this time around we talk about the hottest topic at the moment. By now you probably have heard everyone mention about General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).


The regulation has been passed to protect an individual’s privacy. If you hold a person’s name, email address, address or contact details, you will now need their permission to hold these types of data. If you do not have permission, then you will have to delete the data you hold. This will be law by the end of this week (25th May 2018) and there are fines that will be imposed for any sort of breach. If you are worried about GDPR you can read up about it here.


Here at Cross Accounting, we are currently password protecting documents containing sensitive information when sending internally and externally. Since the document has an individual’s data on this ensures we are complying with GDPR rules. All our clients will have their own unique password to open their documents. This ensures privacy in case it is sent to an unintended recipient or a breach in security from hackers. Encryption is the key to adhering to the regulations.


25th May is when all this starts to kick off, there are companies that can help and provide training for GDPR but it is making sure you’re being responsible with the data you hold. People have the right to be forgotten, so any contacts that you do not have their permission, you cannot keep. If you take car in to applying security to your business, then your are ready to tackle GDPR.

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